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Imuka Access Facilitator Roy Masiga Gakuo (Centre) conducting a partnership entrepreneurial session at Hotel Africana

In pursuit to stimulate a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, Imuka Access collaborates and partners with various organizations to design, develop and implement entrepreneur related projects or programs. These are geared to create, sustain or to scale the desired impact.

What we can deliver to:

Development partners:-

SMEs are a fundamental part of the economic fabric in developing countries, and they play a crucial role in furthering growth, innovation and prosperity.

Are you a development partner keen to promote and maximize the impact for the SDGs(Social Development Goals), we are here to partner, design and implement with you Impactful projects to create impact through entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship development programs. Connect with us Today


Acceleration As A Service(AAAS)

In this age entrepreneurship and venture capital, corporations are eagerly looking to run their own acceleration programs, too. It is great for PR, innovation and business development purposes and in some cases, for tax benefits as well.

You can outsource your acceleration programs to Imuka Access, which has both the capacity and experience in accelerating startups or new projects or products.

Why partner with Imuka Access:

  • Launching your program quickly and cost-effectively: by partnering with Imuka Access, you can quickly enter the acceleration business and adopt best practices which we have developed over years of operation.
  • Enhancing deal flow: by accessing our marketing power and networks within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Expertise:  by partnering with Imuka Access, you can benefit from our expertise in delivering quality accelerator programs.
  • Staying up to date: by having access to an Imuka Access’s deal flow, you will receive insight into the innovation pipeline in your market.

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Non-Governmental Organizations

Sustainability Innovation Modelling:

In this package we work with non-profit organizations in enabling them develop innovative sustainable and inclusive models. We help develop strategies to strengthen NGO capacity in resource mobilization through business activities while maintaining focus on impact areas. Let us help your organization foster the ability to seize untapped business opportunities for sustainability. Connect with us today

Entrepreneurial Support Programs:

Implementing sustainable business development support for your beneficiary groups. At Imuka Access we are keen to collaborate with you to implement entrepreneur support programs by delivering sustainable business development support, coaching and mentorship for your beneficiaries. Connect with us today.