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Are you a non-profit organisation, group, association, collective, and network with a focus on the rights of girls and women? Do you have demonstrable experience working in flower, tea, and/or coffee communities in East Africa? Apply for the FREE GROW Fund today!

  • Venue: Online
  • Date: Friday 26th July 2024
  • Time: Ongoing

The FREE GROW Fund invests in local organisations that use intersectional approaches to advance gender equality in agricultural communities connected to global value chains.

This call is open to non-profit organisations, groups, associations, collectives, and networks with a focus on the rights of girls and women, and who have demonstrable experience working in flower, tea, and/or coffee communities in East Africa.

During this round, FREE GROW will fund organisations in the following countries;
Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia

The Thematic areas include;
1. Safety, Health and Wellbeing
2. Entrepreneurship and Networks
3. Advocacy and Awareness
4. Climate Change and Just Transition
5. Financial Inclusion
6. Land rights and land use

NB: Applications should cover at least 1 of the 6 parameters above

Application Timeline

1. Phase 1 Application opens - 10th July 2024
2. Applications close - 26th July 2024
3. Longlisted candidates will be invited for Phase 2 in August 2024
4. Full applications are scored by the Regional peer panels and advisory committees
5. Successful candidates will be contacted in October 2024

FREE GROW will invest in organisations and groups that are directly supporting and targeting the following participants;

Women and girls who live in floriculture, tea, and coffee communities in East Africa, with a specific focus on women who are economically engaged in these sectors as workers*, farmers* and/or entrepreneurs*. Particularly, women and girls from underrepresented and vulnerable groups. For example: migrant workers, young mothers, and people with disabilities;

  • ​Women workers in the floriculture, tea, and coffee sectors encompass a diverse group engaged in various roles, including but not limited to farm/agricultural workers, factory workers, and informal and migrant workers. 
  • Women farmers: Women who own or manage smallholder farms/businesses in floriculture, tea, and coffee value chains. 

  • Women entrepreneurs: Women who provide services to support women in floriculture, tea and coffee production.

    Eligibility Criteria

  • Your non-profit organisation, group, association, collective, or network must be formally registered in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, or Tanzania. Preference will be given to locally-led organisations.

  • Your organisation or group must consist of a minimum of 3 staff members. This excludes board members.

  • Your organisation, group, collective, or network must align with the mission and vision of FREE Grow.

  • Your organisation, group, collective, or network must have demonstrable experience working on women’s and girl’s rights / gender equality in floriculture, coffee or tea communities in East Africa.

  • Your project proposal must focus on the target group, and include and align with at least one of the Thematic Areas of FREE Grow.

  • Your organisation, group, collective, or network must have at least 60% of women in leadership* positions. This refers to the highest decision-making body, which includes both the board and the executive leadership team.

    (Applicants from Ethiopia and Rwanda who do not meet this criteria are still encouraged to apply.)

  • Your annual organisational income for 2023 must be a minimum of GBP 15,000 and a maximum of GBP 200,000.

    Language Accessibility

  • Core language: English

  • Supporting languages: Swahili and Kinyarwanda

    (For any other language, as well as any other accessibility needs, please reach out the the FREE Fund team for support)

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