Growth stages

Early stage


Apparel & accessories, home and personal
Building, property & land management
Energy and renewables
Entertainment & media
Financial services & payments
Fitness & sports
Food & beverage (FMCG)
Lifesciences & biotech
Customer Persona Worksheet

Customer persona worksheet helps in understanding your customer better and how to fulfill their needs

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Business Model Canvas

Inclusive Business Model Canvas worksheet allows dissection of the business in its various functional units

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Marketing Worksheet

The Marketing worksheet is used to guide in developing appropriate marketing strategies

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Key Activities and Key Resources Worksheet

The key activities and key resources worksheet helps you identifies the most important activites and resources needed to implement your business model.

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Distribution Channel Worksheet

The distribution channel worksheets helps identify and explore the relevant channels ensuring access to goods and services.

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Value Proposition worksheet

The value proposition worksheet allows you to clearly elaborate the unique customer value proposition.

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Partnership worksheet

The partnership worksheet helps identify and define and engage relevant partners for the business.

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Business Plan Structure

The business plan structure captures the relevant sections of a fundraising business plan.

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