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Project Ninja Innovation Challenge Accelerator


The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) acknowledges that the Ugandan ICT industry is emerging and recognizes the economic importance of start-up companies. At the same time, JICA considers there are still various challenges in enhancing Uganda’s ecosystem and strengthening support for start-up companies, particularly the ICT sector.

In February 2021, JICA launched the project Survey on Start-up Ecosystem Strengthening in the Republic of Uganda to identify some key hypotheses about Uganda’s start-up ecosystem, and how JICA can support its growth. The project is being conducted by a JICA Task Force consisting of the following private sector players: KPMG AZSA LLC, Rakuten Europe, Asia Africa Investment & Consulting Pte Ltd, and E-gates. After interviewing over 10 start-up hubs and over 20 start-ups in Uganda, the JICA Task Force (JICA TF) has found key challenges facing the growth of the Ugandan start-up ecosystem. Based on these findings, the JICA Task Force in partnership with The Innovation Village, Hive Collab, and Outbox has launched a three-month pilot Accelerator Program (AP) to prove the hypotheses drawn from these findings and propose ways to address these key challenges for JICA’s future long-term support of Uganda’s start-up ecosystem.


Target audience: First-of-its-kind accelerator designed especially for businesses with market traction and earning above $50,000 per year in revenue, although exceptions apply Startups registered in Uganda Early or growth-stage startups. Ideas will not be accepted Startups that have been in operation for at least one year Startups that have an economically viable business model Demonstrate a strong promise of building a sustainable and impactful business Diverse and focused leadership team with at least one team member with strong sector expertise.


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