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Change social norms towards zero food waste

In line with the European Green Deal priorities, the farm to fork strategy for a fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system, and the EU's climate ambition for 2030 and 2050, the successful proposal will support R&I to prevent and reduce food loss and waste, contributing to the transformation of food systems to deliver co-benefits for climate (mitigation and adaptation), biodiversity, environmental sustainability and circularity, dietary shift, sustainable healthy nutrition, and safe food, food poverty reduction and the empowerment of communities. As regards food businesses, this activity should support innovative and/or improved business practices in large companies and SMEs that:

  • Effectively signal the value of food, so as to reduce food waste;
  • Redesign portion sizes to reduce food waste;
  • Operationalize food waste reduction and prevention through internal corporate policies and business strategies with supply chain actors.

The value of the award is EUR 12 000 000.


To be eligible for funding, applicants must be established in one of the eligible countries;

  • The Member States of the European Union, including their outermost regions
  • The Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) linked to the Member States
  • Eligible non-EU countries; countries associated with Horizon Europe and  low- and middle-income countries

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