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AGFUND International Prize for Human Development

AGFUND works to implement its mission to support sustainable human development by identifying successful experiences, networking, and coordination between partners according to areas of interests.

Idea of the Prize

Stemmed from AGFUND’s approach to enhance development performance and support key development projects, the overall objective behind the Prize idea is to contribute to the efforts aiming to achieve sustainability in development and investment in people.

In this sense, Prince Talal International Prize has become a leading mechanism to identify successful development projects, reward them and disseminate their innovative ideas to best contribute to the improvement of development work. It is also an innovative approach and a strategic instrument to exchange successful experiences to strengthen the mechanisms of development cooperation and project funding with special emphasis on the most prominent factors that militate against development and affect the vulnerable groups, particularly women and children in developing countries. These include poverty, social exclusion, socio-economic marginalization, education and health.

Prize objectives

Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development aims to:

Support the distinguished efforts aiming at the promotion and enhancement of human development concepts.

Disseminate the successful project experiences.

Highlight the best practices, which aim to improve the living conditions of the poor and disadvantaged with particular emphasis on women and children.

Enhance the exchange of experiences and develop better mechanisms to find solutions to the problems of poverty, marginalization and socioeconomic exclusion of vulnerable groups.


The Prize shall be handed over to the heads of the winning organizations in an annual ceremony, to which representatives of the local and international development organizations located in the hosting country, development experts and specialists, diplomats, and media representatives are invited.

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