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Advancing Women Development Fund(AWDF)

AWDF is inviting proposals from interested women-led organisations with an annual income less than USD200,000 who are registered and working in Africa and the following Middle East Countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Yemen. For this funding round, we are prioritising applications from the following regions and/or countries: the Sahel, French speaking Africa, North and Central Africa, Jordan, Iraq and Yemen.

We have two funding streams you can apply to: Leading from the South (LFS) Yalla grants and Main Grants. LFS Yalla Grants: If you are applying for a LFS Yalla grant, you can apply for a maximum of US$50,000 per annum for three years.

If you are applying to work in an eligible country in the Middle East region, you can only apply under LFS Yalla. Please note that Leading from the South grants are primarily to support projects focused on advocacy (though you are able to include costs for service delivery as long as they represent less than 20% of your total budget).

If you are applying for a Main Grant you can apply for up to USD50,000 for one year. Please note that we expect to receive over 1000 applications and are only able to contact successful applicants once the review process is completed – successful applicants will hear from us in December 2021.


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