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Grow Your Business-Series

Thinking of Growing your existing business?

Do you have a product in market with strong customer demand. Are you in business already generating revenue-with existing customer base
Do you have a bigger vision and goals for your business than what it is.

What you’ll get:

We cover the following in grow you business series:

•Refining your business model and planning for new products or services to grow revenue
•How to digitize and grow your business online
•Creating a marketing plan to reach new audiences and increase revenue
•Monthly checking meetings and experience sharing
•Imuka CEO talks
•Latest upcoming business growth opportunities

What you’ll gain:

  • Emerging business best practises from fellow entrepreneurs, investors and expert professionals.
  • Broaden your business networks.
  • Access market and partnership opportunities
  • Access to latest available business growth opportunities

Registration Form:

  • Please input your name
  • Please input your phone contact number
  • Please input the name of your company/entity
  • Please select active sectors as applicable
  • What is your status in the organization.
  • Please share briefly about your products/services. What is unique about your business or services?
  • When did you start business operations?
  • Please input your website address (if available)

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