Waste recycling company

Waste recycling company

Deal Details

coins Directors/Owners
Female Only

coins Type of investment
Debt Financing

coins Amount To Raise
UGX 128,000,000

coins Average monthly revenue(Turnover)

category Sectors

calendar Posted on
22nd November 2021

clock Deal Due Date

proposals Product/services
Produce affordable, smokeless and durable carbonized briquettes

proposals Stage of growth
Early growth: Company has a proven business model and needs to grow to become a sustainable

category Business Particulars
Active business bank account
Business plan

category Funds Needed For
Capital Expenditure/ Asset acquisition
Working capital/stock/inventory

Deal Descrption

Waste recycling company which started in 2018 and formalized in January 2019 to solve issues of fuel and poor waste management by recycling waste to produce affordable, smokeless and durable carbonized briquettes with a calorific value of 3hours, targeting low and middle income households, restaurants, hotels, poultry farmers, and schools. The monthly turnover has grown from 1.4million($394) last year to currently over 5million($1,408) due improved machinery. It now seeks 128 million($37,000) debt Uganda shillings debt for 36 months. To expand its production capacity, working capital and marketing.