Fruit and vegetable powders company

Fruit and vegetable powders company

Deal Details

coins Directors/Owners

coins Type of investment
Open( Debt & Equity Financing )

coins Amount To Raise
UGX 110,000,000

coins Average monthly revenue(Turnover)

category Sectors

calendar Posted on
22nd November 2021

clock Deal Due Date

proposals Product/services
fruit and vegetable powders

proposals Stage of growth
Early growth: Company has a proven business model and needs to grow to become a sustainable

category Business Particulars
Active business bank account
Trading license
Business plan

category Funds Needed For
Capital Expenditure/ Asset acquisition
Trade financing
Working capital/stock/inventory

Deal Descrption

Fruit and vegetable powders company founded in March 2020, deals in fruit and vegetable powders, these have high demand and are used for soup mixes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, they add colour and flavour for bakery and confectionery products, dairy product and much more thus they have thousands of uses, generates a monthly turnover $845 with 100% profit margin, seeks $30,000 to increase production capacity and markets.