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Coffee agribusiness company

Coffee agribusiness company

Deal Details

coins Directors/Owners
Male Only

coins Type of investment
Debt Financing

coins Amount To Raise
UGX 7,500,000

coins Average monthly revenue(Turnover)
Less than 1m

category Sectors

calendar Posted on
20th November 2021

clock Deal Due Date

proposals Product/services
Products; 1. Green coffee beans (all grades) 2. Roasted coffee beans (500gms, 1000gms) 3. Coffee powder (80gms, 100gms, 250gms, 1000gms)

proposals Stage of growth
Early growth: Company has a proven business model and needs to grow to become a sustainable

category Business Particulars
Active business bank account
Management accounts
Business plan

category Funds Needed For
Capital Expenditure/ Asset acquisition
Trade financing
Working capital/stock/inventory

Deal Descrption

Coffee agribusiness company is seeking for 7,500,000Ugx. for, 1. Processing for Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) certification (3,000,000/=) 2. Establishment of 2 mobile coffee brewing and selling points on 2 busy streets in Mbale. (4,500,000/=)
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