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An environmentally sustainable company

An environmentally sustainable company

Deal Details

coins Directors/Owners

coins Type of investment
Open( Debt & Equity Financing )

coins Amount To Raise
UGX 3,600,000,000

coins Average monthly revenue(Turnover)

category Sectors
Green energy and environmental conservation

calendar Posted on
22nd November 2021

clock Deal Due Date

proposals Product/services
Water Filters

proposals Stage of growth
Expansion: Company is profitable and needs to scale up to further increase market share

category Business Particulars
Business plan

category Funds Needed For
Capital Expenditure/ Asset acquisition
Working capital/stock/inventory

Deal Descrption

An environmentally sustainable company produces drinking Water Filters using environmentally sustainable materials, making it affordable to middle and low income households. Since 2018 where it ideated and developed the product. The product has been introduced in the market and have sold over 300units generating over $4500 with a 50% margin. It seeks $150,000 equity to purchase production automation equipment and boost its marketing activities. This will enable it produce over 20,000 filters per month and have a revenue of over $1,000,000 in 3 years.
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