Agribussiness company

Agribussiness company

Deal Details

coins Directors/Owners
Female Only

coins Type of investment
Debt Financing

coins Amount To Raise
UGX 16,000,000

coins Average monthly revenue(Turnover)
Less than 1m

category Sectors
Commercial Agriculture/Agribusiness

calendar Posted on
15th November 2021

clock Deal Due Date

proposals Product/services
potato silage, hay, blood meal, we have a plan of starting mineral lick blocks and making of charcoal briquettes as a way of producing low cost source of charcoal for cooking.

proposals Stage of growth
Early growth: Company has a proven business model and needs to grow to become a sustainable

category Business Particulars
Business plan

category Funds Needed For
Capital Expenditure/ Asset acquisition
Finance existing loan or debts
Working capital/stock/inventory

Deal Descrption

An Agribussiness organisation is seeking a debt investment of 16,000,000Ugx to expand business and production.