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Pitchfest Regional Business Clinics 2022

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The business clinics have served as pitchfest recruitment information sessions, where high growth businesses are within the region are invited to connect, learn and share how they can benefit from the pitchfest program. The entrepreneurs also get to apply for participation and trainings within the program. Each breakfast attracts over 30 invited high growth entrepreneurs running businesses with high growth potential.


Key Objectives of the Business Clinics are:

  1. To provide information details of the Pitchfest2022 program to entrepreneurs seeking to raise funding.
  2. To provide relevant business management best practices and advisory support to selected enterprises.
  3. To connect with local growing entrepreneurs to share: experience sharing and learning.
  4. To share the pitchfest business opportunity with the selected entrepreneurs to apply to participate

Some Highlights:

The clinics were conducted in the following regions and cities:

Region City  Dates Location
Western Fort portal 28th June New Fortview Resort
Mbarara 30th June ·  Excel Hort Consults Agribusiness Incubator(EHCAI)

·  EYIT Hub

Eastern Soroti 12th July Landmark Hotel
Mbale 14th July Kayegi Hotel
Northern Arua 26th July Royal Crane Resort
Lira 28th July Grand Pacific Hotel
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