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Why we established the Business Retreat Program

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Since the launch of the pitchfest program, Imuka Access has supported over 100 entrepreneurs and over 70% entrepreneurs in the program attract interest of financiers and investors. However over 60% of the confirmed interests, are not actualized due to lack of standard documentation including business plan and financials. Beyond that the entrepreneurs need to be prepared mentally in aspects of business growth and what it means in establishing systems, on-boarding teams and best business management practices for adoption. There has been evident need to incorporate both technical and entrepreneur peer-to-peer learning model to allow appreciation and adoption.

What is the Business Retreat Program?

This is a 4-day intensive practical Business Learning Experience; The program is part of the pitchfest series and  is designed to accelerate strategic business planning process.  It is created for business owners who need to strategically plan for stability, growth and scaling of their businesses.

The program designed to take participants through the entire journey of writing a full business plan. A well-written business plan outlines the primary purpose of a business, designs plans for the future, identifies a unique value proposition, and lays out a financial roadmap to success. With a strong business plan, you can run a successful business, obtain financing, find the right employees, and attract investors.

The program creates an opportunity to bring entrepreneurs keen to grow and scale their businesses together in learning, sharing, documenting their plans as well as exploring strategic partnerships. It also creates a support network between likeminded entrepreneurs keen to grow their businesses. It is keen to promote local entrepreneurship growth and development.

Upon completion of the program participants will have a full business plan as well as a pitch deck to quickly communicate their business ideas to potential clients, partners and investors.


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